Amrop Indonesia is dedicated to identifying outstanding directors, chief executives, and senior managers. Partnership, creativity, and practical business solutions are our key operating principles.

Amrop is the tradename for Profesindo Reksa Indonesia (PRI) pt, an Indonesian company whose core business is finding senior executive talent for corporate clients. Founded in 1996 by Pri Notowidigdo, it is a wholly owned Indonesian company with an international affiliation.

The team comprises 10 experienced consulting and research professionals.

Executive search involves identifying and advising on the selection of suitable senior-level candidates for positions at the organizations of our corporate clients. As a member of Amrop, the firm reflects the world's largest network of its kind, offering exceptional service to international businesses.

The Amrop Team in Indonesia reflects a multi-ethnic group of professionals who has also been exposed to a diverse range of cultural millieux in both the public and private sectors, in Indonesia as well as in other countries. This cross-cultural orientation and experience provide a unique bridge to effective business solutions for international clients operating in Indonesia, as well as domestic clients in a country that has more than 200 ethnic groups (Javanese, Ambonese, Sundanese, Batak, Padang, Manadonese, Balinese, and Papuan just to name the major ones).